Comparing services can be hard
But it doesn't have to be

Shopping and saving can be enjoyable. We know you can spend hours comparing services but we can save you time. Our knowledgable consultants have your best interest at heart. We make sure you know everything upfront so you can make a clear and informed decision. We know it can be confusing comparing services. You want to compare channels, features, installation and the price. You will have all your questions answered. We give you everything you need to make the right choice. Many of our customers would say it took one phone call and one install and that it was "quick and easy". We will save you money and give you everything you have now and more.


"Progressive Sateillite was upfront, honest, and direct. We have had it for 2 years, and love it." Scott (electrical engineer) and Kristene Clark (doctor).
Saved $1509 the first year on just switching her TV and phone service. Debbie Shilot (pastors wife) of Triumphant Christian center